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Dong Tien Packaging and Paper

Dong Tien Packaging and Paper

Dong Tien Packaging and Paper Co., Ltd is one of the pioneering enterprises in the field of recycling paper in Vietnam. With over 28 years of operation, a solid foundation that includes a well-educated and highly skilled human resource having many years of working at the company; equipment and technology of firms from Andritz (Austria), Voith ( Germany), Kadant (France), etc. as well as advanced management system, Dong Tien is increasingly asserting its trademark and firmly integration into the world.

Start a business with passion

Dong Tien Packaging and Paper Co., Ltd was established in 1994 in Ho Chi Minh City by a group of paper engineers (Hanoi University of Science and Technology), who were very passionate, loved job and had many ambitions, leaded by Mr. Hoang Trung Son who now is General Director of the Company. 

Starting a business with a low starting point, but with a burning passion and good expertise, Dong Tien company has developed rapidly and sustainably. From a small production facility, Dong Tien has become a prestigious trademark with products that are highly appreciated by customers and its production scale has been continuously expanded.

If in 1994, Dong Tien was just a small production facility with the rudimentary machinery designed and installed by the company itself, then 10 years later, by 2004, the company had built a paper recycling plant of a large scale in Ben Cat district, Binh Duong province with imported machinery and equipment. Not long after that, in 2007, Dong Tien continued to invest in a second production line and continued to install a third production line in 2012 bought from Korea and invested in a synchronous and fully automatic pulp processing system of Andritz (Austria).

By the end of 2017, the output of Dong Tien Company in Binh Duong reached over 42,000 tons/year. Currently, the company continues to renovate and upgrade factories and production lines to increase production to 46,000 tons/year in 2018 and continue to improve production to 50,000 tons/year in 2019.

Besides, since the beginning of 2017, the company has bought a factory in Long An, and currently, continued to improve and upgrade the factory to achieve the output of 20,000 tons/year in 2019. In addition, the company also has a plan to invest in a new production lines here in 2019-2020 to meet the rising demand of traditional customers who have been with the company for decades, as well as potential customers in the future.

Assert ourselves by own path

Pioneering in recycling paper, Dong Tien has built its own path that is very bold. The proof for that is the decision to cooperate with Tetra Pak Company, an enterprise specializing in the world's largest beverage paper packaging, to invest in the first synchronous milk carton recycling line for in Vietnam in 2011.

Accordingly, Dong Tien and Tetra Pak worked together to implement the program collecting and recycling 100% milk cartons. With a complete recycling line, pulp recovered from recycled high-quality milk cartons was used to produce Testliner paper (double wall paper) with a high-grade surface to produce high quality cartons, and the aluminum/plastic part was made into "Ecological Roof Sheet" with a capacity of 500-600 sheets/day.

Dong Tien's packaging paper products are now diversified in types with unique bright colors according to customers' requirements, good physico-mechanical properties, so they have been trusted by many customers as exclusive product and supplier.

For the "Ecological Roof Sheet" product, although this is a by-product, it is very suitable for making roof of farm and places where the environment is highly corrosive, hot, humid, ... due to its  properties of anti-corrosion, good sound insulation, good insulation and 5-year warranty. Therefore, the supply is not enough for demand for orders with 2-6 months in advance.

Another factor that makes Mr. Hoang Trung Son and Dong Tien Company determine to invest in recycling milk cartons, as well as spend a lot of time researching ecological roofing products is that the products really help protect the environment. It is known that each roof sheet made by Dong Tien paper factory can help recycle up to 8,000 used milk cartons, which were previously only burned or buried, with emissions of over 40,000 tons of milk cartons every year.

The "Ecological Roof Sheet" product made by Dong Tien has been granted with the certificate of "Green Products" by the Ministry of Science and Technology.